Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cape May, NJ

I have always been told that Cape May, New Jersey is The Bird Mecca of the continental US, and now I know why. In reality, it is a combination of all of my favorite places to bird, for it contains: The lighthouse of Fire Island, the low scrub pines and grasses of Jones Beach, the profusion of shorebirds as in Jamaica Bay, the passerines of Central Park and of course, my personal fave: the Raptors of Hawk Mountain! In the space of a few hours I was immersed in the richness and bounty that is still to be found on the East Coast during Spring and Fall migrations, as birds of one sort or another move on to wherever it is they go.
A meandering Osprey.

A Broadwinged Hawk emerged out of a kettle of Turkey Vultures!

One of a number of American Kestrels.

Peepers in the thousands!


Nesting in an old woodpecker hole, at the edge of the grasslands.

And as always, the wandering Osprey...birds of my dreams!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful. You really do think like an osprey - I can feel the wind and sense of freedom in your photos. Glad to see you posting regularly again.

Yojimbot said...

Thanks for getting that OWTD!