Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Hill

I had great luck on the Great Hill today. By following some agitated crow sounds, I found an adult redtailed hawk skulking in a tree. After some time, it silently lit out, crows flowing around it like soda pop.

It landed in a tree on the farside of the Hill. As I approached it, it noticed its hackles began to raise up and I looked to see where it was looking,

just in time to see this large, dark adult fly in!

I couldnt tell if they are the mated pair I saw on top of Douglass Houses on Amsterdam Ave. But it seems likely. After some time, the late arriving hawk flew off directly over me and out over the Hill.

As she did so, the remaining hawk made an almost crowing sound that I've never heard before. Watching it, I saw its hackles go up again, but coming in low from the north were 2 peregrine falcons! I stood amazed as they skimmed above the tree line, threatening the hawks. As they broke over the Hill I managed to get a pic of one of them streaking over the woods!

No doubt the Riverside family is letting their neighbors know who's in charge!
The peregrines flew off, as eventually the first hawk did, the falcons to the North, the hawks towards the Loch. Walking home, I also saw a Cooper's Hawk above Morningside and this guy on again on my roof!


Quodlibet said...

What a raptor-ous day you had!! :-)

I love all birds, but the raptors are my favorites. We have a lot of RTs in our suburban CT neighborhood - they are fascinating and beautiful. You might enjoy this RT tale:

Anonymous said...

On February 8 From Ft. Tryon Pk. I saw Eagles on the pack ice, some 4 miles upriver from your location. An adult took off to chase a juvenile around 10:55AM. Could they be the same birds?