Friday, October 23, 2009

Peregrines of Broadway Bridge

One of the great spectacles of nature is the aerial hunt of peregrine falcons. At Broadway Bridge, about 3000 starlings come home to roost at dusk. Waiting for them are two of the most successful falcons in NYC.

They both formed up in gyre over Kingsbridge.

They then launched a coordinated attack on the incoming starlings!
First the female, then the male stooped in on the Bridge...the action was too fast to capture, here's what I managed to snag of it.

The panicked starlings fleeing for their very lives!

The female recovering to perch on the South Tower.

Next up, Ill try to get it on video!


Donegal Browne said...

Wonderful post James! Thank you. I particularly like the curve of Starlings and the last shot with falcon's extended feet.

Can't wait for the video!

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