Sunday, July 19, 2009

If You Love it Let it Go (Part 2, Screech Owls)

Following up on the kestrel release, I was contacted by the Horvath's about releasing 5 Eastern Screech Owls in Central Park.
Adam Welz gets his ESO ready...

off you go little guy!

Urban Ranger gets in on the act.

Birding Bob has red-phase!

(Also spotted was a Ivory-Billed Woodpecker).
Closeup of Screechy!

Bruce releases the one adult of the bunch.

Bobby and Francois located on of the released young.

While about 50 robins harass the lone adult!

Back at the parking lot, the Horvath's share with us some of the other injured birds in their care.
Barn Owl,

Peregrine Falcon,

Sadie lectures!


Anonymous said...

Those owls are so beautiful! I love owls.

Anonymous said...

I love owls. I wish I could have been there! is there some way you could alert me if you release more?

Cameron G Rose

Anonymous said...

They're cute - but don't you need to release a few of each species if you are trying to build a population?

Owlman said...

Great pics. Anonymous Central park already has a thriving population of Screech owls. These owls will just supplement the existing population.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Oh, wow, what gorgeous owls! I especially love that photo of "Screechy". :)