Monday, May 11, 2009

Highbridge Park

Highbridge Park is the last undiscovered gem of the NYC Park system. There have been recent "improvements" such as the new stairway and greenwalk near the Watertower, but many historical parts of this Park--such as the John Brush Stairwell--remain derelict. This combined with the large amount of homeless still living in the Park make for a truly wild natural environment. Due to its varied terrain, it is also a great stopover for many migratory birds such as warblers, flycatchers, orioles, tanagers and raptors. Here's are some highlights from my Sunday walk.
When I first entered the Park at 155th, I could hear many birds singing in the canopy. Walking North, I soon encountered many warblers buzzing about. I reached a favored overlook near the Harlem River where the woods were alive with the melodious songs of orioles. At this one location there were close to 1 dozen all flitting about, chasing each other and making mating calls.

Many first year birds as well as females were also present.

Soon a few kingbirds also showed up and struck various scenic poses.

Goldfinches, house finches, swallows, woodpeckers and this house wren

were all trilling, cavorting and otherwise engaging in nesting behavior. Speaking of nesting behavior...the redtails and their 2 babies are doing just great.

Happy Momma's Day!

Looks like Im not the only one trying to change things for the better!

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