Monday, November 10, 2008

Harlem Hawks--Come out for the 4th Annual Hawk Walk!

As I adjust to my new location in Central Harlem, my understanding of the ranges of the raptors that live in this area has changed dramatically. From my roof, I can observe the Cathedral Hawks, the Riverside Peregrines and an additional pair of redtailed hawks that live near the campus of CCNY. This weekend I observed them all for extended periods, noting their ranges and directions of travel. This is the time of year for courtship to being and their aerial displays can be seen throughout the 5 boroughs. After one such display over Morningside on Sunday, I caught up with Cathedral female, on top of Wadleigh School on 113th.

She was hunting pidgeons!>

If anyone is interested in signing up for the 4th Annual Harlem Hawk Walk, which will be either Saturday Nov. 29th or Sunday Nov. 30th depending on the weather, please email me at yojimbot at gmail dot com.

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Unknown said...

Terrific photo show.
I really enjoyed it...