Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Independence Day aka The Kestrel Release Party!

With all of the observation and study that I've been participating in, it was great to have an opportunity to get up close and personal with my favorite raptor. Thanks to Bobby Horvath, I was given this chance when I was contacted by him to participate in releasing another dozen fledglings that had been rehabbed under his care. The first dozen were let go in Central Park, so we decided to mix it up a bit and release these guys into Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. And although the weather wasn't the best, it was an amazing and successful event that I will not forget. Here are some pix and vids of the morning!

The Posse queuing up for action.

Some of the releasees. An interesting note is the high proportion of females to males this year. I wonder if the cool and rainy Spring had anything to do with it.
Here Bobby prepares a young male for banding, while Francois gets down to business.

With the Horvath's, its a family affair!

While there, I noticed a group of Park Rangers. Someone had apparently tried (and failed) to sacrifice a chicken and they were trying to capture it. Bobby caught the bird and a ranger came over to release one of the kestrels.

Here's some pix and vids of the other members of our group getting their kestrel release party on!

Here's that beautiful and distinctive klee-klee-klee!

I also had a chance to release a male and female kestrel. Merci beaucoup Francois for the photos!

Here's the female drawing some blood from the hand that frees her!

Don't worry little girl, I wont hold it against you for wanting to be free!

Its really great to see youngsters growing up with respect and fascination for these beautiful animals!

The Night Owls!


knithound brooklyn said...

if you happen to be hunting raptor sightings in Brooklyn and come across a Parrot...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great work and great pictures...Thought you might be interested, for two years know we've had a nesting pair. Last year above our apartment window at N11th and Bedford (in Williamsburg) I have pictures of both fledglings looking happy and healthy on my fire-escape. They "fixed" the top of the building and they lost their nest but this year there is a pair down the street (they roost at Bedford and N11th) and I've recently had the pleasure of watching one of the parents teach the fledgling to hunt!

yojimbot said...

Thanks for your support pinato. Ill add your kestrels to the list. If Im over in that part of town, Ill shoot you an email prior.

Rob Jett said...

Great work, report and photos. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. KLEE, KLEE, KLEE, KLEE, KLEE!