Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Beautiful weather contributed great light to a unseasonably warm day.
Full of Christmas Colors!

More of his handiwork

While rounding the Blockhouse, I heard a sound not unlike the whine of a squirrel alarm call.

I listened closer, and the call was more sharp and not as high pitched. Looking out, I spotted a juvy Cooper's

The call was not the sharp kek-kek-kek described in guidebooks. It was similar to a squirrel alarm call, but not as nasally. I looked through the trees to see what it was calling to.

The juvy flew off at the adult,

The murderous red eye of the adult...

and both circled around the Blockhouse, out of sight.
After a few minutes of searching, I heard the same sound and found the juvy making furtive advances towards the adult.

The juvy then tried to hop on the adult!

Knocking the adult off the branch...

she then promptly flew off.

Also seen were a thrush of one sort or another.


Robert said...

For once it appears I went hawkwatching too early. I stopped by the Blockhouse around 10:30 and didn't see anything except for uncharacteristically quiet and still male cardinal. Your pix seem to indicate you were there around 1:30.

yojimbot said...

The exif is all screwy on my camera.
I was onsite around 12-1 pm on Monday. I think the adult Cooper's has been wrecking the North Woods for some time. About 5 weeks ago a huge Cooper's flew into a tree overlooking Wildflower Meadow but I could not relocate it. They are sooo good at skulking around, that its almost impossible to locate an adult unaided.

PS no sign of any goshawks, but this was just as good!