Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Emerald Highway

From my rooftop, the connection between the northern part of Central Park and Morningside Park is clear. There is a constant interchange between the two...flickers and robins will head out in the morning to comb the park. Crows and the two Cathedral RTH's constantly battle back and forth between the two. Warblers and other migrants pick their way southward down the Emerald Highway.

The Cathedral Pair courting over 110th St.

The male (note his molting pattern).

The female (note her molting pattern also).

Unidendtified juvenile leaving the park and making a beeline for Morningside (a youngster from this past nest?!?)

Other notables...

Phoebe and maggie together!

and lots and lots of monarchs!

All images shot in the area covered in this pic...


Robert said...

Jim, Does this mean you've moved into the place at 123rd that you were looking at?

yojimbot said...

Hey Rob,

Actually Im on 110th st. at my old apt till 123rd is done. I should be moving there sometime early next year. Till then, I have roof access and am able to view the entire area seen in this Google Earth shot above. Gives me a great opportunity to study the Cathedral Pair, the resident kestrels as well as the migrants coming and going.