Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fall Migrants Begin

There were tons more of fall warblers moving through the area. For some reason, I found lots of females including yellow rumped, magnolias and black-throated greens. I also saw a red-tailed hawk and peregine falcon, but was too slow to get any pix of them as they streaked by. Walking through the foliage, I heard the many shrieks of yellow shafted flickers. At one point I watched as one flew into a tree and snagged a screeching cicada. As always, many resident pairs of American Kesrels thrive along the cities parks. There seems to be another pair in the 145th and Broadway area and I regularly see this male near Riverside Park. Bruce Yolton has also reported seeing a female kestrel there this spring. Anyone else see kestrels in that area, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

The "Connecticut Warbler" shown is a Nashville.

Deb Allen

yojimbot said...

Cool...thanks for the info. Im a little rusty on the warblers.