Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still Chillin'

After Friday's ice storm, I have been reluctant to venture out to check out any bird action. I went out for a few hours yesterday and today, but the biting wind and sloshy conditions make for some discomfort. Here's a selection of some scenes from around the nabe.
The kestrels from my hood.

A Harlem Hawk

Two low Turkey Vultures.

The St. John the Divine female, sitting low in her nest!

And the city's park life coping just fine.

Must clean elbow!

Pigeons in snow.


Robert said...

Jim, What time did you take the pic of Isolde in the Cathedral nest? I saw her there at 6:25, although she might have been around but really low in the nest.

And the "Harlem hawk", where was that at?

yojimbot said...

I was at the nest from 4-430. Female was just visible and sometimes not at all, hunkered waaaay down in that nest. As for the other red-tailed hawk, that was over on Tiemann Place and 123rd. An odd place for a hawk as that is peregrine territory.

Robert said...

I must have not missed you by much then. I reached the Cathedral just before 5:00. I did not see Isolde in the nest then, but as I said I saw her at 6:25.

Tiemann and 123rd? Down by the General Grant houses, or closer to Riverside? Either way, that does sound like an out of the ordinary spot.

BTW: Check the clock on your camera. After I posted before, I saved the photo of Isolde to disk and then used "File Properties" in Photoshop to see if there was a timestamp for when you took it. It said 3:10 _a.m._ on Sunday, or 13 hours before you indicate.

yojimbot said...

hmmm...will check my camera's time. thanks for the input.