Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Lord of Kingsbridge

The north tip of Manhattan, which flows into the Bronx, is the convergence of many geographical features. The upper part of Manhattan is know as Inwood Hill, from there, Broadway crosses the aptly named Broadway Bridge ( a structured truss draw bridge that also hosts the 1 train) and into Kingsbridge. Kingsbridge is divided into Spuyten Dyvil, Marble Hill and then Kingsbridge proper. All of these geographical prominences as well as vast stocks of pidgeons, starlings and sparrows can only spell one thing: peregrine falcons. In the vast bridgeworks of the south tower, I heard a juvenile loudly calling.

One of the parents showed up...

All the nearby pidgeons scrambled for cover.

And the falcon alit on a truss.

Its body language showed it was intently scanning the sky for movement.

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