Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rounding Out

Finalizing my Ecuador birds I managed to add: fawn-breasted tanager 302 Fawn-breasted Tanager streaked woodcreeper 303, Streaked Woodcreaper black and yellow fruiteater 304, Fruit-eater potoo with baby 305! Potoo with Baby! black and chestnut eagle 306, pallative dove 307, white tipped dove 308, croaking dove 309, plumbeous pigeon 310, swainson's thrush 311, blackpoll warbler 312, glossy black thrush 313 and the great rufous crowned tody flycatcher 314. Rufous Crowned Tody Flycatcher

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toucans, Woodpeckers and Flycatchers

Choco Toucan 276, Pale-mandibled Aracari 277, Crimson-rumped Toucanet 278, Emerald Toucanet 279, Crimson-mantled woodpecker 280, Scarlet-backed woodpecker 281, Golden-Olive Woodpecker 282, black-cheeked woodpecker 283, Powerful Woodpecker 284, Pearl tree-runner 285, Plain brown woodcreeper 286, Rufous Mot-mot 287, streaked-tufted cheek 288, Cinnamon flycatcher 289, smoke colored peewee 290, elenia 291, beardless tyrannulet 292, tody flycatcher 293, dusky capped flycatcher 294, yellow-bellied siskin 295. I'd also like to add a few more hummingbirds such as speckled hummingbird 296, and buff-throated saltator 297. Rounding it all out are red-headed barbet 298, masked trogon 299, sickle-winged guan 300, and warbling antbird 301.

Monday, September 08, 2014


As you all know this is my favorite subject. Being so rich in birdlife, the raptor department is no exception. This go around I had quite a few new lifers, starting with the pearlescent kite, #266. Followed by the white-tailed kite, #267. I already counted the hook-billed kite, but this pix deserves inclusion. Another notable was the snail kite, #268. On the hawk side I had the ever present road-side hawk #269, the savannah hawk #270 and the short-tailed hawk #271. Owl wise the only one I can count is the black and white hawk #272. Also had the quite common laughing falcon #273 the collared forest falcon #274, and the bat falcon #275.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Even more than hummingbirds, tanagers have come to define the beauty of Ecuador. Luckily this time around I was able to see quite a few of these beauties whether at feeders or out in the wild. Starting with #240 the Blue-necked tanager. Followed by this lifer the dusky faced tanager #241. Guira tanager #242. Rufous collared tanager #243. black-chinned tanager #244. bay-headed tanager #245. The ubiquitious lemon rumped tanager #246. and the equally as common palm tanager #247. blue-winged mountain tanager #248. blue-grey tanager #249. #250 while not a tanager, I find them with them often, rufous collared sparrow. silver-throated tanager #251. dusky bush tanager #252. beryl spangled tanager #253. golden tanager #254. golden-naped tanager #255. flame-faced tanager #256. swallow tanager #257. white lined tanager #258. Also had flame rumped tanager #259, black winged saltator #258, masked flower piercer #259, slate-throated whitestart, #260 and ecuadorian thrush at #261. Finally I got some really beautiful birds but the pix werent great. Those were #262 yellow-tufted dacnis, #263 green honey creeper and #264 yellow breasted elenia. Finally had the one-colored becard #265.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Isla de la Plata

Im not even going to try to put into words how awesome this place was. My pix here will only approximate the stark yet rich beauty. The one small disappointment is that we couldnt see the waved albatross because they were nesting. We did have a few thousand blue-footed boobies #230 though. There were also thousands of frigate birds #231. My favorite was the nasca booby #232, although the tropicbird #233 is truly one of the most beautiful birds in flight. We also had red-footed booby #234, which eats predominately squid. On the trails by the station we had the little woodstar #235 and the endemic warbling finch #236. On the boat ride over we had inca tern #237, Peruvian Pelican #238 and Parkinson's shearwater. #239. Also had a close encounter with 2 humpbacks!